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Would you rather be a pirate or a farmer?

Would you rather be a pirate or a farmer?

Think about it, would you rather be a pirate or a farmer? Make your choice and then see if you would change it after reading this article. Choice made? OK, let's go.


Being a pirate is a risky, but exciting business with great potential rewards each time you pillage and plunder. You and your crew sail out of your secret cove, board an unsuspecting ship, take all their treasure, and head back to your secret cove far richer than when you left.


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FuseDesk was built for Your Business, Your Support Team, and Your Customers. With FuseDesk, it’s easy to get the key insights into how well your team is doing, delightful for the support team to use, and fast for customers to get care.

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Walking for Stress Relief

Walking for Stress Relief

Has your day got you tied up in knots? Do you feel a frustrated scream building up inside you to the point you’re ready to burst? Does every little thing in your environment set your teeth on edge? If so, it’s a good indication you might be under a bit of stress.

The good news is that you’re not alone, and there are tons of great ways to help relieve stress. In fact, one of the best ways might also be the easiest. Take a good old-fashioned walk. 

Is it Time to Refresh Your Website?

Is it Time to Refresh Your Website?

It’s just a website…I don’t need to spend money on it, right?


It’s 2021 and your website is the number one way for you to establish credibility as a business. Additionally, it is an essential piece of your online presence and marketing strategy. 

Okay, but if I already have a website, I’m good. I can just let it be, right?

Sorry, wrong again.

Refreshing your website is ALWAYS a good idea. Here’s why:

Infusionsoft by Keap


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Choosing the Right Shoes for Exercising

Choosing the Right Shoes for Exercising

No matter what fitness program you choose: if your feet aren't happy, you’re not likely to continue exercising for very long. The footwear you choose can also affect more than just your feet. Back problems and joint ailments often stem from inadequate shoes.

It can be overwhelming shopping for athletic shoes—there are countless choices, and it can be quite expensive. Here are some things to consider when you're deciding what to purchase:

Foiling Spammers - Best Email Practices

Foiling Spammers - Best Email Practices

How many times have you complained to someone that you did not receive the email they claim to have sent, only to discover it arrived in your junk mail folder? Or you have repeatedly requested information from someone, and they finally respond that their email filter thought it was spam? And how often have you opened your email only to find that same dreaded spam?

These situations can cause more problems than just being aggravating. They waste time and cause miscommunications and hard feelings. In short, they cause you to lose time and money. These are not things you want customers and clients to associate with you and your business.

Here are some things you may want to consider:

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